Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Michigan may have the Great Lakes, but only Las Vegas has the Lake of Dreams – an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind attraction that is the visual centerpiece of the $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas resort and casino. Unveiled with the resort’s highly anticipated opening in April 2005, the lake marks the largest-ever, landmark installation of Color Kinetics’ intelligent LED lighting systems

The Lake of Dreams spans 20,000 square feet and boasts a sophisticated underwater lighting system unlike any other. More than 4,000 individually controlled, submersed Color Kinetics® C-Splash 2 units are installed on 700 removable panels at the bottom of the lake, transforming its surface into a spectacular light-and-water show. The precise control of each C-Splash 2 unit allows for seamless transitions from one eye-catching sequence to the next, including intricate patterns and psychedelic colors that complement video images projected onto a waterwall behind the lake. Various statues appear to rise from the lake’s depths, lending to the ethereal effect. The result? It has to be seen to be believed!

The original lighting concept called for the Lake of Dreams to appear red. Wynn Design & Development took that concept much further by choosing LED-based systems that could generate any of 16.7 million colors and dynamic, color-changing effects. The C-Splash 2 units were supplied in a lighting package by Production Resource Group (PRG), who acted as the system integrator. The team was also tasked with making the water translucent in order to properly illuminate it. They achieved the desired effect with millions of tiny reflective bubbles generated by air compressors, creating a reflective surface for the lights. The entire lake can be filled with bubbles in 15 seconds.

Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design conceived the graphics for each unique light show. Graphic images were mapped to the C-Splash 2 units and then controlled through a DMX network. The entire system spans 25 DMX universes. The light shows are programmed to run every 20 minutes from just after sunset to 1:00 am, drawing large crowds every time.

Even by Las Vegas’ standards, this is one spectacle that makes a truly indelible impression!

Project Credit to: Design Patrick Woodroffe, Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design