Westfield Mall Century City

Los Angels, California, USA

Westfield properties planned a major renovation of the Atrium court area of their flagship Century City property. The design was for what appeared to be a wood lattice covering roughly 150X100 feet over the entire center of the area. The space was designed as a gathering place for special events, fashion shows and a general area for people to gather and rest. The systems included both entertainment and architectural lighting.


Keith Gillum of our office worked closely with Azusa Yabe of Horton Lees Brogden on the design and execution of the project. The design goal was to create a sense of intimacy they wanted with a subtle flickering almost candle like effect across a complex asymmetric lattice work ceiling structure. Color Kinetics IW Flex Compact nodes were chosen as they could be customized to create the physical patterns required for the structure. The design required over 3000 nodes each individually programmed. To obtain the correct spacing custom strings were created and where needed individual nodes were turned off and the lenses covered with special matt black paint to make them disappear. This technique was used for areas where the node spacing was greater than was technically possible so we created blacked out filler nodes as required on each string. Each string was customized to exactly fit the structure and the spacing the designer required. 

The strings were programmed using a Light System Manager to create the right mix of warm and cool color temperatures for the flickering candle effect needed. David Cumatz worked closely with the designer and the owner to create the effects so they did not appear to repeat over the course of an evening. The system automatically turns on at Sunset and off at preset times as required by the client. 

Owner: Westfield Properties
Design: Azusa Yabe, Horton Lees Brogden
System Concept: Keith Gillum
Programming: David Cumatz
Equipment: Color Kinetics iW Flex Compact, RGB Lights Outdoor PDS 480 power supplies, Color Kinetics Light System Engine controls