Forman and Associates expands their range of Philips Products

Forman and Associates is pleased to announce that we are adding Philips Lighting Controls to the family of products from Philips they represent.  Our Philips groups of product includes Philips Color Kinetics, Philips Entertainment (Strand Lighting and Selecon), and Large Luminous Surfaces including Luminous Textiles, One Space and Luminous Carpets. Our demonstration studios feature all of our Philips products including our new One Space installation along with many of the other Manufacturers’ products we proudly represent.

Philips Lighting controls offer a wide range of smart architectural lighting control products including occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, dimming and local controls.  The new Connected Light Technology is also part of this broad portfolio of controls.  To learn more about Philips Controls and all of our new product lines please go to our Line card for links and information.

We are pleased to support all of your creative lighting needs with our portfolio of Philips products.