Altman Lighting Introduces new UV LED Spectra Cyc

Altman Lighting is very pleased to announce the release of our new 100w UV LED Spectra Cyc. The UV LED Spectra Cyc builds upon the award winning Spectra Cyc platform while incorporating true 365nm UV LEDs for performance designed to exceed that of a traditional metal halide source. UV Spectra Cyc offers the same coverage that its color changing sister fixture boasts: spacing on 6-8’ (1.8-2.4m) centers and 20’ (6m) vertical coverage when 3’ (1m) off of the surface. As an LED source UV Spectra Cyc offers the ability to not only strobe without the need for a dowser, but dim full 0-100%. Contact your Forman Sales Associate if you wish to arrange a demo today.