Strand Lighting Introduces complete LED solutions at LDI

Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon chose LDI in Las Vegas to introduce their full range of LED luminaires for theatrical applications. Leading off with the powerful PL4 profile spot they added the new PL1 Fresnel, PL1 compact Profile and the new PL2 Cyclight. The PL2 Cyclight joins their popular PL1 Cyclight for even greater coverage.

The new PL4 profile delivers beautiful white and full color light with lens combinations for any distance. The new PL4 is a true replacement for high performance halogen luminaires. For smaller stages the new PL1 delivers crisp gobo’s and sharp shutter cuts along with a beautiful soft focus when needed. The matching Fresnel has a wide focus range of 6-55 degrees from its RGBW light engine.

The PL Series now offers a complete range of wash lights (PL1, PL3, PL Fresnel) Cyc lights (PL1 Cyc and PL2 Cyc)) and profile spots (PL4 and PL1 profile) allowing designers to create an all LED theatre space. Philips did not forget the Houselights as their powerful theatrical houselight delivers the same performance as the rest of the range. The PL series offer 50,000hr (L70) LED life and have integrated dimming and full color control. All luminaires have matching dimming characteristics through the use of a common LED engine platform making color matching and matching fades a snap. PL Series need power and data only so for the first time a theatre can be designed without a dimmer room.

Forman and Associates has demo units of the PL4 in stock now. Contact your sales representative to arrange a demo today.