Firefly Lighting

Premium Decorative Lighting Systems

Festoon Lighting systems feature:

Clear V6 and V12 “Filament” versions provide beautiful, warm, vintage look

  • Frosted versions in warm and cool white, plus a selection of rich, deep colors

  • High levels of quality control and color temperature consistency

  • Unique flat, self-levelling IP44 Festoon cables, in variety of socket spacings

Firefly's popular fairlighting features:

Perfect for any installation, event, public space, or theme.

  • Ideal for portable multi-use rental applications!

  • Use indoors and outdoors! UV, rain, and dust resistant.

  • Correct, golden 2500K color temperature.

  • Systems include Strings and Icicles.

Floppy Flex is the perfect replacement for glass neon, easy to use, long lasting & durable. Suitable for many projects and installations including indoor, outdoor, signage & architectural. The color jacket ensures that colors are visible in direct sunlight. Standard colors: 2100K Golden White, 2700K Warm White, 4000K Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and RGB.

  • UV & flame resistant construction (PVC)

  • Domed profile for large viewing angles (270°)

  • Uniform & even light source with no LED “hotspots”

  • High illumination

  • Flexible with 120mm minimum bending diameter

  • Easy to use and install, with DIY accessories for joining, terminating, mounting & powering

  • High IP rating (IP68)

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